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 Anderson Terrace Usage Policies 

     Event General Information

The basic rental time for a wedding is 10 hours total, 8 Hrs for a Micro Wedding (TBD other events). This includes set-up, event, and clean-up. You may arrive at noon and end the event by 10 pm. We suggest you come back the next morning to get all your things. Events are 4 hours. Additional hours may be considered.  

All events must end no later than 10:00 during the week and 10:00 on weekends. The music must be turned off at 10:00 pm. Any parties lasting after 10 on a Sat or Sun may move inside with prior approval and only until 11. Vendors must vacate the building by 11:00 p.m.

Deliveries must be within the 10-hour rental time slot unless prior arrangements are made. We do not store items before or after an event except rental items...they may be removed the following day. If there is no event the day before we can make arrangements for you to bring your items by. We also request you to come back the next morning for your items. 

Outside caterers are allowed for a $350 fee. This fee is for Anderson Terrace to hire staff to set up the buffet, manage and serve, pack up leftovers, and clean up. We will provide tables with linens for the buffet, cake tables, and bar. Cake cutting is included in the catering fee.

Smoking is allowed outside in designated areas only.  Please be respectful of our property and discard it properly. 

Guest is responsible for communicating all of the policies and contractual obligations to their vendors and/or wedding planners. (Timelines, garbage disposal, clean-up requirements, etc.)

Anderson Terrace does not schedule rehearsals or multiple site visits but we do not mind if you come by periodically to check on things. We want your wedding day to be perfect. If there is no event the day before your wedding we could schedule a short rehearsal while you drop off things. 

An AT-qualified children's sitter MUST be hired with more than 5 children attending an event. One sitter per 10 children. $25 an hour. This is not negotiable. A sitter will be called if it is determined that more than 5 are on the property and taken out of the security deposit. 

Children are NOT allowed on the property until 1 hour before the ceremony. Your security deposit will be forfeited if this is not adhered to. 

Anderson Terrace does not accept responsibility for any lost or stolen items in the facility or parking lot.

All tent rentals must be contracted with our approved vendors.

Anderson Terrace can provide a list of approved vendors or you may choose your own (excluding bartender and tent rental). All vendors must sign a vendor contract.

A $500 Damage Deposit is due 10 days before your event. The deposit is refundable if the property is left in good condition and contract terms are met.

Payment Methods- Cash, Check, Money Order.  Credit Cards will have a 4% surcharge 

We apply a service charge of 15% on the venue price (included in packages).

Gratuity is not included and is much appreciated. 


Alcohol/Bar Service:

You can provide your alcohol for a $300/500 on-premise fee. The on-premise fee will also include Anderson Terrace bar staff for 4 hours, (alcohol must be served by an Anderson Terrace TABC bartenders). This is for a 100-person wedding. Each additional bartender is $125 an hour. 

The bartender has complete discretion to refuse service to any guest.

Anderson Terrace does not allow underage drinking. Guests will be carded if they appear to be underage.

No alcoholic beverages may be served after the bar is closed

The bar must be closed 30 minutes before the guests are scheduled to leave.

Anderson Terrace security must be hired for any events over 150 people where alcohol is served and are contracted an hour before the wedding starts until the end. $95 an hour - a minimum of 4 hours.

Cleaning Requirements:

All items on the Anderson Terrace Catering Breakdown Checklist and Clean Up list must be completed before leaving the Facility.

If items on the Clean Up lists are not completed, the Guest will be charged accordingly.

All trash must be put into the dumpster. All the dishes in the kitchen. Furniture placed back where found. All rooms are to be free of any personal items.


Parking for vendor deliveries is marked on the north end of the parking lot, closest to the ramp and the staging area.

Parking Services: All valet services will be contracted through the Anderson Terrace and will be required for any events with 80 + attendees. $75 an hour contracted from one hour before the event to one hour after the event starts (two hours).

We can handle 70 cars on the property.  

 Alterations or Decorations:

Please do not alter, remove, or add anything that affects walls, floors, furniture, or any personal property of Anderson Terrace. Do not hang anything from the ceilings.

REAL Rose petals, birdseed, and bubbles may be done outside only. No confetti/fake rose petals are to be thrown and will incur a $500 cleaning fee.

No alterations to lighting and/or removing light bulbs at any time will be permitted. If any lights are removed or stripped out, a $100.00 charge will be assessed per light.

Sparklers are permitted at the end of the event only if a bucket of sand or water is accessible for discarding the hot wands.


This concludes our attorney's legal mumble jumble! 



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