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Baby Showers


The joy of having a baby is a great reason to have a baby shower party to celebrate with friends and family.  Your baby may not remember the party, but that does not mean that you can’t have fun! — at least for you, the other adults and kids in your life. Think you want to have the baby shower outdoors? Yes, we can do that too. Our customers love having a brunch party on the Terrace. However, we have limited opportunities to have parties because we often have it booked for a wedding ceremony. We do our showers from 11 to 1 Sat and Suns. $1550 plus $145 per staff member (depends also on how many guests) and $250 for a coordinator. If you bring in catering we have a $250 catering charge. There is a small bar charge if doing alcohol; our bartenders will set up and serve. Maybe a MOMosa bar? We can cater the event or you can bring it in.

Would love to host your sweet shower. 

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