Celebration of Life - Anderson Terrace Wedding & Event Venue, LLC

We Honor the Life Journey of Your Loved One


We think most people want to be celebrated at the end of life instead of mourned. It makes sense. By the end, we’ve hopefully survived challenges, overcome obstacles, loved fiercely, made a difference, and contributed in our own way to making the world a better place. Walking this earth is neither an easy task nor for the meek of heart, so let’s celebrate the fact that we endured challenges, obstacles, achievements, and triumphs. 

We encourage families to create this unique and memorable life celebration so that friends and family can join together to honor the life of your loved one while being comforted at a time of loss. Our staff is here to help you with everything needed to make this a wonderful time for friends and family.  Three hours is only $450, plus a staff charge to help. Sat and Sundays from 10 to 1. 

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