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Just The Two of Us Ceremony- elopement

Just the two of us (and maybe a few of your friends) might be the way you want to go. We have fabulous rates for elopements with ten or fewer guests. Rates include the use of the bridal suite for 30 minutes to get ready, and then a 60-minute window for the ceremony, photos, and toast with champagne (you bring). Elope on a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday between 10 am - 2 pm and it’s just $350. If you want a late afternoon (2 to 6) and we have it available just add $100. A Sat or Sun morn if available $450. These events are 90 minutes max. 

To recap this package: You are only renting the venue for $350 for 90 minutes and will need to bring what you need. For 10 people & under

We have the following available for hire:

Officiant            $  250

Bouquet            $  175

Photographer     $  350

Small cake         $  125  with serving 

We have a music system you can use. Your playlist is necessary to plugin. 

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